The Gospel of Matthew

The Gospel of Matthew is the first book in the New Testament.  It is an account of the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazarath written by a man named, oddly enough, Matthew.

Matthew was a man who had paid the occupying empire of Rome for the priviledge of collecting taxes on their behalf, but he didn’t do this just to make a living.  He did it because Rome allowed tax collectors to extort as much as they wanted out of the people under their jurisdiction, as long as Rome got their share.  That meant that Matthew was a traitor to his people, the Jews.

Then Matthew met Jesus, and everything changed.

After his encounter with Jesus, Matthew became a completely different person.  Instead of wanting to take advantage of his fellow Jews, he devoted himself to serving them by introducing them to their Messiah, Jesus.  In fact, his Gospel account was specifically written to Jewish people, and includes more references to the Old Testament (the Jewish Scriptures) than any of the other accounts of Jesus’ life.